Adjust page magnification

Tools on the Select & Zoom toolbar can change the magnification of PDF documents. Only some of these tools appear on the default view of the toolbar. You can see all the tools by right-clicking/Control-clicking the Select & Zoom toolbar and choosing either individual tools, Show All Tools, or More Tools and then selecting individual tools.

  • The Marquee Zoom tool works in a few different ways. You can use it to drag a rectangle around a portion of the page that you want to fill the viewing area. Or, simply clicking the Marquee Zoom tool increases the magnification by one preset level, centering on the point where you clicked. To decrease the magnification by one preset level, Ctrl-click/Option-click the Marquee Zoom tool.
  • The Dynamic Zoom tool zooms in when you drag it up the page and it zooms out when you drag down. If you use a mouse wheel, this tool zooms in when you roll forward and zooms out when you roll backward.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons change the document magnification by preset levels.
  • The Zoom Value option changes the page view according to a percentage you type in or select from a pop-up menu.
  • Actual Size displays the page at 100% magnification.
  • Fit Width adjusts the magnification so that the PDF fills the document pane horizontally.
  • Fit Page adjusts the magnification so that one page fills the document pane vertically.
  • The Pan & Zoom Window tool adjusts the magnification and position of the view area to match the area in an adjustable rectangle in the Pan & Zoom window