Signatures panel overview

The Signatures panel lists all the signatures in the current document. Each signature has an icon identifying its verification status. Verification details are listed beneath each signature and can be viewed by expanding the signature, or by making selections from the Options menu in the Security panel.

Display the Signatures panel

 Choose View > Navigation Panels > Signatures, or click the Signatures button  in the navigation pane.
You can right-click/Control-click a signature field in the Signatures panel to do most signature-related tasks, including adding, clearing, and validating signatures. In some cases, however, the signature field may become locked after you sign it.

Expand or collapse a signature

 In the Signatures panel, click the plus sign (Windows) or triangle (Mac OS) next to the signature to expand it. Click the minus sign (Windows) or the rotated triangle (Mac OS) to collapse it.

When collapsed, the signature shows only the name, date, and status.