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Configuring User and Group Mappings

To map NFS users and groups

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Shares.
  2. Choose Sharing Protocols.
  3. Select NFS Protocol, and then choose Properties.
  4. Choose User and Group Mappings.

To configure for using an NIS server

  1. On the General tab, select the Use NIS server button.
  2. In the NIS domain box, type the name of the domain from which the UNIX user and group information is obtained.
  3. Optionally: in the NIS server (optional) box, type the name of the server you want to map.
  4. To specify the length of time the server waits to refresh the user and group information, type the time in the Hours and Minutes boxes.
  5. Choose OK.

To configure for using password and group files

  1. Select the Use password and group files button.
  2. In the Password file box, type the name of the password file to use.

    This is a passwd format file from a UNIX system containing all the UNIX user accounts that could be mapped.

  3. In the Group file box, type the name of the group file you want to use.
  4. Choose OK.
Note   NFS is available only if Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX Server for NFS is installed on this server. If NFS is not available on this server, these procedures are not applicable.

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