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FTP Anonymous Access

Allowing anonymous access to the FTP server enables users to connect with the user name anonymous—or ftp, which is a synonym for anonymous. A password is not necessary, but the user is prompted to supply an e-mail address as the password.

Note   You cannot access the FTP server from a Microsoft Windows Server user account with the name anonymous. The anonymous user name is reserved in the FTP server for the anonymous logon function. Users logging on to the server with the user name anonymous receive permissions based on the FTP server configuration for anonymous logons.

After the FTP protocol software is installed on your computer, you must configure the software to operate. Your FTP server protocol settings will result in one of the following configurations:

If anonymous connections are allowed, you must supply the Windows user name and password that will provide anonymous access to the FTP server. When an anonymous FTP transfer occurs, Windows verifies the user name assigned in this dialog box to determine whether access is allowed to the files.

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