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Get Help with Your Hardware Device

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Unable to continue the hardware information upload process

A problem has occurred with your hardware information file and we are unable to process it. This process cannot continue without this information. If you wish to complete this process, you will need to try installing the device again by accessing the Add New Hardware wizard.

Start the Add New Hardware wizard.
You chose not to allow Microsoft to record your hardware information.

Your hardware information will be sent automatically the next time you connect to the Internet.

You may want to contact the manufacturer and ask them to provide a driver for this hardware device.

Thank you for submitting your missing driver information to Microsoft.
You may find the following resources helpful:

The wizard was unable to find the necessary software for your new hardware.

Help and Support Center can now record your hardware profile to assist with future support. This is done automatically by reading the identification number that the manufacturer has encoded in your hardware. If you want, you can see the contents of the file that contains this information. This information will remain confidential--see Microsoft's privacy policy. Using this information, Microsoft can query for any available details on the hardware manufacturer's Web site.

This information will help us provide:
  • Improved manufacturer support for new hardware installations in future versions of Windows.
  • More supporting software for you to download from Microsoft Web sites.
  • Links to other Internet sites that carry software or support information for your new hardware.
Click Cancel to end the wizard. You may want to contact the manufacturer and ask them to provide a driver(software) for this hardware device.
To submit your hardware information now and receive the latest manufacturer information back, please connect to the Internet. Or, if you want, your hardware information can be submitted automatically the next time you connect to the Internet, but you won't receive the latest information in return.

If you choose to save this page to your Help and Support Center Favorites list, then you can access this page again to submit your hardware information and get manufacturer feedback.