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Microsoft SharePointFrontPage Server Extensions 2002
Change Configuration Settings
Use this page to configure general settings for your server.
Enable Authoring
Specify whether to allow authoring on this server.
checked name="chkAuthoring" id=logAth value="enabled"> Enable authoring
Mail Settings
Specify the SMTP mail server to use for Microsoft SharePointFrontPage Server Extensions 2002 e-mail-based features, such as subscriptions and invitations. Personalize the from and reply-to addresses, and select the mail encoding scheme and character set to use.
  SMTP mail server:
  From address:
  Reply-to address:
  Mail encoding:
  Character set:
Performance Tuning
Use these settings to tune the performance of your Web site. Select the size of the web in the Tune for box. Default values are entered in the Tuning properties area. Modify these values as needed.
Tune for:
Tuning properties
In-memory document cache:
Include file cache:
Image file cache:
Max cached document size:
Client Scripting
Specify the type of scripting to allow on this server.
Scripting language
Security Settings
Specify which security settings to implement on this server.
checked name="chkLogging" id=logAA value="1"> Log authoring actions
checked name="chkRequireSSL" id=ReqSSL value="enabled"> Require SSL for authoring and administration
checked name="chkNoExecutableCgiUpload" id=Upload value="0"> Allow authors to upload executables