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Setting AppleTalk Sharing Properties

If AppleTalk is enabled for your server configuration, use this page to specify which AppleTalk clients are granted access to each share. Access can be granted or denied on the basis of client host name. Access can also be granted or denied on the basis of client groups, where a client group contains one or more client host names.

To allow clients permission to an AppleTalk share

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Shares.
  2. On the Shares page, choose Shares.
  3. Select the share for which you want to add AppleTalk client access, and then choose Properties.
  4. On the General tab, select the AppleTalk Sharing check box.
  5. Select the AppleTalk Sharing tab, and then choose the user limits as well as the share access password.
  6. Set the Read Only and Guest access permissions.
  7. Choose OK.

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