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Disk Quotas

Disk quotas track and control disk space use in volumes. You can configure the volumes on the server to perform the following tasks:

When you enable disk quotas, you can set both the disk quota limit and the disk quota warning level. The disk quota limit specifies the amount of disk space a user is allowed to use. The warning level specifies the point at which a user is nearing his or her quota limit. For example, you can set a user's disk quota limit to 50 megabytes (MB), and the disk quota warning level to 45 MB. In this case, the user can store no more than 50 MB on the volume. If the user stores more than 45 MB on the volume, you can have the disk quota system log a system event.

In addition, you also can specify that users can exceed their quota limit. Enabling quotas and not limiting disk space use is useful when you do not want to deny users access to a volume, but want to track disk space use on a per-user basis. You can also specify whether or not to log an event when users exceed either their quota warning level or their quota limit.

When you enable disk quotas for a volume, volume usage is automatically tracked from that point forward, but existing volume users have no disk quotas applied to them. You can apply disk quotas to existing volume users by adding new quota entries on the Quota Entries page.

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