Microsoft Office

What will Microsoft Office Diagnostics do?

Microsoft Office Diagnostics in Microsoft Office 2007 is a series of diagnostic tests that can help you to discover why your computer is crashing (closing abnormally). The diagnostic tests can solve some problems directly and might identify ways that you can solve other problems.

Important  Diagnostic information that is gathered from your computer is compiled and kept on your computer. When Office Diagnostics determines that the data might be useful to help diagnose and fix a problem, the system asks whether you want to send the information to Microsoft. Also, after the tests are completed, you are prompted to visit a Web page to get advice tailored based the results of the tests. Any information that you share with Microsoft is completely anonymous, and absolutely no information is personally identifiable as being yours. To learn more about information confidentiality, see Help in a Microsoft Office program.

What do the individual diagnostic tests do?

When you run Office Diagnostics, you generally are running all of the tests. However, in some cases, some tests are not run --- for example, if you are running a server version of Microsoft Windows or if an administrator has disabled some of the tests.

The Office Diagnostics are:

How do I enable the Update Diagnostic test?

Before running Office Diagnostics, and to ensure all the tests can run successfully, we recommend that you do the following:

To enable the Update Diagnostic test, do the following in one of these 2007 Microsoft Office system programs