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Configuring General Properties

To change the client name, or the layout or type of keyboard you are using, click the General tab.

To Change the Client Name

The names of any autocreated printers are based partly on the client name you specify. If you find the printers hard to identify, change the client name to something more recognizable:

  1. Clear the Use hostname check box.
  2. Type the new client name.

To Change the Keyboard Layout

You can specify the keyboard layout to use. By default, the session uses the keyboard layout that is specified for the MetaFrame server.

To change the keyboard layout, click the Keyboard Layout box and select your keyboard layout from the list.

To Change the Keyboard Type

The MetaFrame server uses the keyboard type information to configure your user session for your keyboard type. Use Default for most English and European keyboards. If you are using a Japanese keyboard, Default autodetects the keyboard type.

To change the keyboard type, click the Keyboard Type box and select your keyboard type from the list.