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ActivePerl-faq9 - Modules and sample scripts


General questions about using modules and scripts with ActivePerl

How can I use modules from CPAN?

As of version 5.005, ActivePerl supports the MakeMaker utility. This allows you to install modules from CPAN, but requires you to have a make utility, such as nmake or dmake. Modules are generally distributed in gzipped tar files, such as Data-Dumper-2.08.tar.gz.

However, ActivePerl includes the Perl Package Manager (PPM), a utility that allows you to install modules, including modules that contain binary extensions. You should consider using PPM to install a module, as this greatly simplifies the management of modules.

Nevertheless, there are times when it is necessary to build a module from source. Typically, an installation session goes something like this:

  1. Extract the module. This creates a directory based on the name of the archive.

        gzip -d -c Data-Dumper-2.08.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  2. Change directory to the module's directory.

        cd Data-Dumper-2.08
  3. R