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Documentation and Support


ActivePerl Documentation and Support

Where can I get documentation on ActivePerl?

Documentation for ActivePerl is provided in HTML format in the html directory in your perl directory. This has the documentation from the standard perl distribution, as well as the complete documentation for modules and extensions. For more information on Win32-specific extensions, see What modules come with the ActivePerl distribution?.

Note that the standard perl distribution documentation (perl*.html) has some UNIX-specific information, and lists some features/functions that will not work on the Windows version of ActivePerl. The perlwin32 and perlport pages discuss the portability issues under the Win32 platform.

You can also read the Perl documentation with the perldoc command. At the command prompt, type perldoc followed by the name of the document you want to read, as in:

    perldoc perlwin32
    perldoc perlfaq

Documentation is provided in the binary distributions (it is created during install), and can be created by install or it can be made by "make installhtml" in the source distribution.

What kind of documentation comes with ActivePerl?

ActivePerl comes with the standard Perl documentation, as well as documentation for all Core modules.

Is there formal support for ActivePerl or PerlIS?

Peer support is available from the Perl-related mailing lists that ActiveState hosts. You can find more information on these mailing lists at