ActiveState PerlScript

Welcome to the PerlScript Active Server Sample Library.

Examples of Server Scripting

Hello World The ASP Response Object says "Hello World!"
Loops Many constructs of different loops with different conditions.
Fibonacci This example calculates the Fibonacci sequence up to 17.
Browser Properties Detect and display some of your Browser's features with ASP!
How to send info to a browser? Click here to find out!
Server variables The values of predetermined environment variables that were accessed by the ASP Request object.
HTTP variables The following is a list of HTTP Variables accessed by the ASP Request object.
PerlScript Variables Shows you PerlScript's variables
Query String Find a server-side purpose for your HREF links with the URL parameters.
Web Forms Learn how to gather data from and provide web HTML forms for the client.
Ad Rotator Learn how to use the AdRotator Server COM Component that installs with IIS.
PerlScript & VBScipt</