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Setting General Applications Properties

From the Applications Settings page, you can perform the following tasks:

To set or modify application settings

  1. From the primary navigation bar, choose Sites.
  2. Select the Web site you want to modify.
  3. In the Tasks list, choose Modify.
  4. Select the Application Settings tab.
  5. Use the Default execute permissions list to select one of the following levels of script execution:
  6. Use the Default page list to select the appropriate default Web page.
  7. Microsoft FrontPage extensions allow administrators to view and manage Web sites in the graphical user interface (gui) offered by FrontPage. If you want to view and manage Web sites on your server using FrontPage, select Enable Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions. If you would rather create a Web site to which the administrator account can connect using FTP to modify files, select Create an FTP site to author content.
  8. Select the Allow anonymous access check box to let remote users connect to your server without a user name or password. Users who log on anonymously have only the permissions assigned to the guest account. Anonymous access is typically used for Internet Web sites.

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For information about general settings, see Setting General Site Identity Properties. For information about site identities, see Modifying Site Identities.