What is PerlScript?

PerlScript is an Active Scripting engine that allows you to use Perl with any Active Scripting host. Active Scripting hosts include:

What do I need to run PerlScript?

How do I install PerlScript?

When you launch the ActivePerl installer, PerlScript is one of the components you can optionally install. To use PerlScript, ActivePerl must be installed.

Why aren't my event handlers called?

It is possible that case sensitive lookups of event names are being performed. Event name lookups can be made case insensitive by adding the key

to the Registry.

What is Windows Script Host?

Microsoft advertises Windows Script Host (WSH) as being "a language-independent scripting host for 32-bit Windows operating system platforms". WSH offers a lot to VBScript and JScript developers for whom console type programs have traditionally been difficult to work with. For Perl Developers, the same functionality can be found with a Perl module or extension.

More information can be found in the Windows Script Host tutorial.

What do I need to have so that I can write Active Server Pages with PerlScript?

Active Server Pages, or ASP for short, is a server-side technology that enables you to embed script commands within HTML. ActivePerl and PerlScript are required on the webserver that is providing the webpages, but are not required on the client. However, remember that if you develop Active Server Pages on your local machine, your system is considered to be both the client and the server.

In order to have a web server on Windows 95, users will need the Personal Web Server (PWS), which is freely downloadable as a component included in the NT Option Pack available from Microsoft.

Windows 98/Me use