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A workgroup is a simple grouping of computers, intended only to help users find such things as printers and shared folders within that group. Your server can be in a workgroup, active directory environment, or Windows NT 4 domain.  Workgroups do not offer the centralized user accounts and authentication offered by domains.

A workgroup name must not duplicate the computer name. A workgroup name can have as many as 15 characters, but cannot contain any of the following characters: ; : " < > * + = \ | ? , .

To set or change the workgroup membership of the server

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Network.
  2. Choose Identification.
  3. Select the Workgroup button and type the name of the workgroup to join.
  4. If the server belonged to a domain before you joined the workgroup, the server will be disjoined from the domain and the computer account will be disabled.
  5. Choose OK.
  6. You will be asked to reboot the server.

    Choose whether to reboot the server.