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Server Name

The server name is the name of the server on a network. The server name must be unique and must meet certain requirements. The new server name cannot be the same as another computer or the name of a Microsoft Windows domain.

It is recommended that you use names that are 15 characters or fewer. The server name can be a maximum of 63 characters but should only contain the numbers 0–9, the uppercase letters A–Z, the lowercase letters a–z, or hyphens. You may use other characters, but doing so may prevent other users from finding your computer on the network. If your network is using the Microsoft DNS server, you can use any characters except periods. If other networking protocols are installed without TCP/IP, the server name is limited to 15 characters.

If you specify a server name longer than 15 characters and you want longer names to be recognized by the Microsoft Active Directory domain, the domain administrator must enable registration of DNS names that are 16 characters or longer.