=1 Const CR_DISP_DENIED =2 Const CR_DISP_ISSUED =3 Const CR_DISP_ISSUED_OUT_OF_BAND=4 Const CR_DISP_UNDER_SUBMISSION =5 Const CR_DISP_REVOKED =6 Const no_disp=-1 Set ICertRequest=Session("ICertRequest") nDisposition=Session("nDisposition") nResult=Session("nResult") sErrMsg=Session("sErrMsg") nLastStatus=no_disp nLastStatus=ICertRequest.GetLastStatus() sMode=Server.HTMLEncode(Request.Form("Mode")) %> Microsoft Certificate Services
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<%If 0<>InStr(sMode,"newreq") Then%>

Your request failed. An error occurred while the server was processing your request.

<%ElseIf "chkpnd"=sMode Then%>

An error occurred while the server was checking on your pending certificate request.

<%ElseIf ""=Request.Form And ""=Request.QueryString Then%>

You did not come to this page as a result of a form submission.
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<%End If%>

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<%If "IE"=sBrowser Then%>

<%If "chkpnd"=sMode Then%>

- Remove this request from your list of pending requests.

<%End If%>