Client Printer Mapping

When you start a session, all the printers available to your client device are automatically made available to the session. They are known as auto-detected printers. You do not therefore need to do any manual configuration.

Note: If you are using the Mac OS X J2SE 1.4.x JVM, printers are not auto-detected. You have to configure them manually. To add a printer and configure it manually, select Add.

You may need to change your printer settings. For example, if you are using a non-PostScript printer and your print job needs color, or advanced printing options such as duplex printing, you should configure a native driver (for example HP LaserJet for a Hewlett Packard printer) rather than the Universal Print Driver. To change your printer settings, select the printer on the list, then select Modify.

To delete a printer, select it on the list, then select Delete. Note that you cannot delete auto-detected printers, only manually configured printers.

Icons are used to show printer status as follows: