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The server must be given a name. Client computers use this name to access the file shares that reside on this server.

The server can be configured as a member of one of the following groups:

If no domains or workgroups exist on the network, for example, if this is a UNIX environment, the workgroups option should be selected and any arbitrary name used.

A good practice after joining a domain is to add one or more domain users to the local administrators group, then reconnect with one of those user names to administer the server.

To set the name and domain membership of the server

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Network.
  2. Choose Identification.
  3. In the boxes provided, type the appropriate server name and Domain Name System (DNS) suffix. The DNS suffix is appended to the host name to create the fully qualified machine name.
    Note   Adding a DNS suffix is optional.
  4. Select whether the server will be part of a workgroup or a domain.
  5. If the server will be part of a domain, type the user name and password of the person who has permission to add client computers to the domain.
  6. If the server is accessible to AppleTalk clients, type the AppleTalk name in the appropriate box.

    By default, the AppleTalk name of your server will be the same as the standard server name.

    Any changes to the server name will update the AppleTalk name as well.

  7. Choose OK.
  8. When prompted to reboot the server, you may either accept or cancel the reboot.

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