PerlEx Interpreter Classes

PerlEx can create a configurable number of Perl interpreters to run your CGI scripts. The phrase Interpreter Class is used in this document to identify the set of run time parameters that are applied as a whole to a group of interpreters that are designated to run one or more scripts.

Run time options for PerlEx are specified in the Windows registry, under the following key:


The parameters that make up an Interpreter Class are specified in keys under the key "Classes". For example, the parameters for the XYZ Interpreter Class live under the following registry key:


The following run time parameters can be specified for each Interpreter Class:

If no Interpreter Classes are defined, or for scripts whose location does not match the ScriptLocation entry of any of the defined Interpreter Classes, PerlEx applies the parameters in the Default Interpreter Class. The Default Interpreter Class is made up of registry entries at the top level:


Optional parameters that are omitted in Interpreter Classes also inherit their values from the Default Interpreter Class.

For more information, please see:

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