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Administration Web Site

This feature allows you to change the IP address(es) and port that can be used to access the administration Web site on the server.

The default IP address to which the server responds, or listens, is typically changed when the server is only managed on a certain subnet or a separate management network.

The default listen port can be modified as needed to work with existing network software and configurations, for example, when no traffic above a given port number is allowed.

To change the administration Web site properties

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Network.
  2. Choose Administration Web Site.
  3. On the Administration Site Properties page:
    1. Specify whether to use All IP addresses or Just this IP address.
    2. If you choose to use Just this IP address, use the list to select the IP address you want to use.
    3. If changing the port for non-encrypted access, type the new port number in the Port for non-encrypted access box.
    4. If changing the port for encrypted access, type the new port number in the Port for encrypted (SSL) access box.
  4. Choose OK.