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Setting Windows (CIFS) Sharing Properties

Windows client computers use the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol to share files. Use this page to change the number of users who have access to a share, change the caching options relative to the share, and set or change user permissions.

Server settings

In the User Limit section, you may choose to allow the maximum number of users, or you may specify the number of connections that can be made at a given time.

To set the user limit


You may also set permissions for users or groups who are granted or denied access to the server.

To set user permissions

  1. In the Add a user or group box, type the name of a user or group to add to the list of permissions, or select a user from the list below it.

    You can select local users or local groups from the list. To add domain users or domain groups you must type the account as <domain name\user name> or <domain name\group name>.

  2. Choose Add.
  3. Use the Allow list to set the degree of control the users who are selected in the Permissions list will have over files on the server.

    Users may have no control, read-only access, change access, change and read access, or full control.

  4. Use the Deny list to deny a level of control to the selected users and groups in the Permissions list.
  5. To remove a user or group from the Permissions list, select the user or group in the list, and then choose Remove.
  6. Choose OK.

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