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Backing up and Restoring the OS

From this page you can choose to back up or restore the operating system (OS) on the server.

To back up or restore the server OS

  1. On the primary navigation bar, choose Maintenance.
  2. Choose Backup.
  3. Logon to Remote Desktop Connection. The backup application starts automatically.
  4. When you are finished, close the application by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner. This logs you off Remote Desktop Connection.
    Note   It may take a few moments for the session to log off when closing the application.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is the tool used to back up and restore the server OS. Remote Desktop for Administration supports only two concurrent connections. Additionally, if you navigate to another page during an open session, the client will be disconnected but the session will be preserved. This can prevent other users from accessing a Remote Desktop session.