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  • Select and highlight text

    Select and highlight text

    You can add a comment as highlighted text, with or without an associated note.

    1. Click Review & Comment , and choose Comment & Markup Tools > Highlight Text Tool.
    2. Drag across the text you want to highlight.
    3. (Optional) Double-click the highlighted text, and type your comment in the pop-up note that appears.

    Use this same procedure to underline or cross out text by choosing the corresponding tool in step 1.

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    Print a booklet

    Print a booklet

    When you create a booklet, pages are arranged on sheets of paper so that they are in the correct order when the paper is collated, folded, and stapled.

    Note: To print booklets, the printer must support duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper).
    1. Choose File > Print and select the printer.
    2. Set Print Range to All.
    3. Choose Booklet Printing from the Page Scaling menu.
    4. Select additional page handling options as desired.
    Add tools and toolbars

    Add tools and toolbars

    You can customize Reader to display the tools and toolbars you use most often.

     Right-click/Control-click a toolbar and do any of the following:
    • Select the buttons you want to display.

    • Choose Hide Toolbars and select the toolbars you want to hide.

    • Choose More Tools, and select the toolbars and buttons you want to display.

    Fill in a form

    Fill in a form

    Quickstart: Export TOC

    Quickstart: Export TOC

    Participate in a shared review

    Participate in a shared review

    When you open the shared PDF, commenting tools and a document message bar with instructions also open.

    1. Open the PDF attachment or link.
    2. Click Connect, and type your login name and password, if prompted.
    3. Type your name, email address, and job title to create a reviewer profile, if prompted.
    4. Add comments.
    5. When you want to share your comments, click Publish Comments.

    In a shared review, you can see all reviewers