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Document message bar

The document message bar appears only in certain types of PDFs. Typically, you see this area when you open a PDF form, a PDF that has been sent to you for review, or a PDF with special rights or security restrictions. The document message bar appears immediately below the toolbar area, and can be hidden or shown by clicking its button  on the left side of the work area.

Look on the document message bar for instructions on how to proceed and for any special buttons associated with the task. The bar is color coded: purple for forms, yellow for reviews, and blue for certified or secure PDFs.

Select and Zoom tools

Select and Zoom tools



Select tool

Select text or objects in a PDF

Hand tool

Browse or move the page

Marquee Zoom tool

Fill the document pane with the area you enclose

Dynamic Zoom tool

Zoom in or out by dragging the mouse or mouse wheel

Pan & Zoom Window

Adjust a rectangle in a thumbnail view of the page and adjust magnification

Loupe tool

Display a magnified portion of the PDF that matches the area enclosed in an adjustable rectangle

Snapshot tool

Copy a selection to the Clipboard or another application

Enable right-to-left languages

Enable right-to-left languages

Enabling right-to-left language options displays the user interface elements for controlling paragraph direction, digit style, and ligature. When this option is selected, you can specify the writing direction (left-to-right or right-to-left) and type of digits (Western or Arabic-Indic) used for creating and filling out certain form fields, adding digital signatures, and creating text box markups.

Enable Right-To-Left Language Options is enabled by default under Arabic and Hebrew regional settings.

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Reader > Preferences (Mac OS).
  2. Under Categories, select International.
  3. Select Enable Right-To-Left Language Options.
Opening PDFs

Opening PDFs

You can open a PDF in many ways: from within the Reader application, from your email application, from your file system, or on a network from within a web browser. The initial view of the PDF depends on how its creator set the document properties. For example, a document may open at a particular page or magnification.

Some PDFs are restricted and open only after you enter a password provided to you by the PDF owner. If a document is encrypted, you may need the permission of its creator to open it. In the case of some restricted or certified documents, you may be prevented from printing a file or copying information to another application. If you have trouble opening a PDF or can