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Visit the Adobe Reader Support page

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Visit the Adobe Expert Support page

Online Support > Accessibility Resource Center

Visit the Adobe Accessibility Resource Center page

Online Support > Generate System Report

Display the System Information window

Repair Adobe Reader Installation

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Visit the Adobe eBookmall web site

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View the work area

View the work area

Reader opens in two different ways: as a stand-alone application, and in a web browser. The associated work areas differ in small but important ways.

The Reader work area includes a document pane that displays PDFs and a navigation pane on the left side that helps you browse through the current PDF. Toolbars near the top of the window provide other controls that you can use to work with PDFs.

Note: Opening certain types of PDFs causes specialized parts of the work area to appear: the document message bar and PDF package navigation features. For other types of PDFs, these areas are not seen and not available.

View the work area for PDFs open in the application

  1. Click the Reader icon on the desktop, or use the Start menu (Windows) or Finder (Mac OS) to start the Reader application.
  2. Choose File > Open, navigate to and select any PDF on your computer, and click Open.

View the work area for PDFs open in a web browser

  1. Open a web browser application.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select a PDF anywhere on the Internet and open it.

    • Choose File > Open (or Open File). If necessary, choose PDF or All Files in the pop-up menu for the type of file. Then navigate to and select any PDF on your computer or local network, and click Open.

  3. Identify items in the work area.
Comment and markup tools

Comment and markup tools



Sticky Note tool

Add a sticky note comment

Text Edits tool

Create comments that indicate that text in a PDF should be inserted, deleted, or replaced

Text Edits > Replace Selected Text

Replace selected text

Text Edits >Highlight Selected Text

Highlight selected text

Text Edits >Add Note To Selected Text

Add a sticky note to selected text

Text Edits >Insert Text At Cursor

Insert text at the cursor

Text Edits >Underline Selected Text

Underline selected text

Text Edits >Cross Out Text For Deletion

Cross out selected text


Add stamp comments

Highlight Text tool

Highlight selected text

Underline Text tool

Underline selected text

Cross Out Text tool

Cross out selected text

Attach File As A Comment tool

Embed a file at a selected location in a PDF

Record Audio Comment tool

Add a prerecorded audio comment or record and place an audio comment

Callout tool