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Quickstart: Search for text

Use Find to search for text in an open PDF.

  1. Type search terms in the Find text box on the toolbar.
  2. (Optional) Click the arrow next to the Find text box and select any desired options, such as Include Bookmarks.
  3. Press Enter.

To search all PDFs in a folder, choose Open Full Reader Search from the Find pop-up menu, click All PDF Documents In, and then select the folder you want to search.

Related Information
Advanced printing

Advanced printing

Configure advanced printing settings and download Asian fonts in the Advanced Print Setup dialog box in Reader. For more information, go to this topic on the Adobe website: Advanced print settings.

Quickstart: Change the look of a tool or object

Quickstart: Change the look of a tool or object

You can easily change the properties for many tools and objects, including comments, form fields, and bookmarks.

  1. Right-click/Control-click the tool or object you want to change.
  2. Choose Properties or Tool Default Properties.
  3. Set the desired properties.

To apply an object