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Quickstart: View PDFs in a package

An Adobe PDF package opens with a list of the PDFs it contains and a PDF package navigation bar.

 Open the package and do any of the following:
  • To view a PDF, select it from the PDF list or click Open Next  or Open Previous  .

  • To change the position of the PDF list, click one of the list position icons.

  • To access package-related commands, click Options and choose the desired command.

Quickstart: Customize the work area

Quickstart: Customize the work area

You can change the work area to suit your needs.

  • To change the toolbars that appear, choose View > Toolbars, and select the desired toolbars.
  • To change the navigation pane view, click one of the buttons to the left of the navigation pane.
  • To customize the display colors for page background and document text, choose Edit > Preferences > Accessibility.
  • To set the default zoom level and page layout, choose Edit > Preferences > Page Display.
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Quickstart: Change viewing mode

Quickstart: Change viewing mode

To give you more space for reading a document, you can change the viewing mode.

 Choose View > Reading Mode or Full Screen Mode.

In Reading mode, toolbars and the navigation pane are hidden but the menu bar is present. In Full Screen mode, everything but the document is hidden. To exit from Full Screen mode, press Esc.

Adjust navigation panels

Adjust navigation panels

Like toolbars, navigation panels can be docked in the navigation pane, or they can float anywhere in the work area. You can hide or close panels you don