Search a form

Search a form

When you search for words in a PDF, the search includes any text appearing in form fields (as well as other text in the PDF), whether you typed the text or selected it from a list or menu on the form.

  Do one of the following:
  • Type the text you want to search for in the Find box in the toolbar, and then press Enter. To find the next instance of the search text, press Enter again.

  • Choose Edit > Search, and type the text into the Search window. Then select other basic or advanced options for searching, and click Search.

Preferences for viewing PDFs

Preferences for viewing PDFs

The Preferences dialog box defines a default page layout and customizes your application in many other ways. To modify preferences, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Reader > Preferences (Mac OS), and select the panel you want under Categories. For viewing PDFs, examine the preferences options for Documents, General, Multimedia, and Page Display.

The preferences settings control how the application behaves whenever you use it; they are not associated with any particular PDF document.

Documents preferences

Open Settings

Show Each Document In Its Own Window

Creates multiple Reader windows rather than opening multiple PDFs in one instance of Reader.

Restore Last View Settings When Reopening Documents

Determines whether documents open automatically to the last viewed page within a work session.

Open Cross-document Links In Same Window

Closes the current document and opens the document being linked to in the same window, minimizing the number of windows open. If the document being linked to is already open in another window, the current document is not closed when you click a link to the open document. If you do not select this option, a new window opens each time you click a link to a different document.

Allow Layer State To Be Set By User Information

Allows the author of a layered PDF document to specify layer visibility based on user information.

Allow Documents To Hide The Menu Bar, Toolbars, And Window Controls

Allows the PDF to determine whether the menu bar, toolbar, and window controls are hidden when the PDF is opened.

Documents In Recently Used List

Sets the maximum number of documents listed in the File menu (Windows) or when you choose File > Open Recent File (Mac OS). The default is five for Windows and nine for Mac OS.

Save Settings

Automatically Save Document Changes To Temporary File Every _ Minutes

Determines how often Acrobat automatically saves changes to an open document.

Save As Optimizes For Fast Web View

Restructures a PDF document for page-at-a-time downloading from web servers.

Full Screen preferences

Full Screen Setup

Current Document Only

Specifies whether or not the display is limited to a single PDF.

Fill Screen With One Page At A Time

Sets the page view to the maximum screen coverage by a single page.

Alert When Document Requests Full Screen

Displays a message before going into Full Screen mode. Selecting this option overrides a previous selection of Do Not Show This Message Again in that message.

Which Monitor To Use

Specifies the monitor on which full-screen display appears (for users with multiple-monitor configurations).

Full Screen Navigation

Escape Key Exits

Lets you exit Full Screen mode by pressing the Esc key. If this option is not selected, you can exit by pressing Ctrl+L/Command+L.

Show Navigation Bar

Shows a minimal navigation toolbar regardless of the document settings.

Left Click To Go Forward One Page; Right Click To Go Back One Page

Lets you page through an Adobe PDF document by clicking the mouse. You can also page through a document by pressing Return, Shift-Return (to go backward), or the arrow keys.

Loop After Last Page

Lets you page through a PDF document continuously, returning to the first page after the last. This option is typically used for setting up kiosk displays.

Advance Every _ Seconds

Specifies whether to advance automatically from page to page every set number of seconds. You can page through a document using mouse or keyboard commands even if automatic paging is selected.

Full Screen Appearance

Background Color

Specifies the window