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Print layers

Normally, when you print a PDF that contains layers, just the content that is visible on-screen is printed. However, the creator of a layered PDF can specify that some layered content, such as watermarks or confidential information, must (or must not) print, regardless of its visibility on-screen. If the document is designed to print differently from how it currently appears on-screen, a message may appear in the Print dialog box. The Preview image in the Print dialog box always shows the page as it will print.

Note: To work with layers in Acrobat, convert the source document to PDF using a preset that preserves layers, such as Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5) or later.

View how layers print

  1. Click the Layers icon  in the navigation panel.
  2. Choose Apply Print Overrides from the Options menu.
    Note: Depending on the visibility settings specified when the PDF was created, Apply Print Overrides may be unavailable in the Options menu.

Change print settings for a layer

  1. Click the Layers icon  in the navigation panel.
  2. Expand the layers area, select a layer, and then select Layer Properties from the Options menu.
  3. In the Layer Properties dialog box, choose one of the following from the Print pop-up menu:
    Always Prints

    Forces the layer to print.

    Never Prints

    Forces the layer not to print.

    Prints When Visible

    Matches printed output to on-screen visibility.

    Note: In Reader, you can open the Layer Properties dialog box, but you cannot change the settings.
Print a portion of a page

Print a portion of a page

  1. Choose Tools > Select & Zoom > Snapshot Tool.
  2. Drag around the area you want to print.

    Reader copies the selected area to the clipboard.

  3. Choose File > Print to print the selection.
Options in the Print dialog box

Options in the Print dialog box

Most of the options in the Reader Print dialog box are the same for other applications.

Comments And Forms

Specifies which visible content prints.


Prints the document contents and form fields.

Document And Markups

Prints document contents, form fields, and comments.

Document And Stamps

Prints the document, form fields, and stamps, but no other markups, such as note comments and pencil lines.

Current View/Selected Graphic

Prints the page area (including text, comments, and so on) that is visible in the current view. The option name changes depending on whether you have no pages selected (Current View), a page or pages selected (Selected Pages), or an area on a page selected using the Snapshot tool (Selected Graphic).

Current Page

Prints the page that is visible in the current view.


Specifies the range of pages to print in the open PDF. Separate numbers in a range by using a hyphen, and separate multiple pages or ranges by using commas or spaces. If the Use Logical Page Numbers option is selected in Page Display Preferences, you can enter numbers that match the numbering printed on the pages using roman numerals or actual page numbers. For example, if the first page of a document is numbered iii, you can enter iii or 1 to print that page. Selecting Odd Pages Only or Even Pages Only affects which pages in a range print. For example, in a range that includes 2, 7