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Work area basics

Browse Help topics

Browse Help topics

  1. Select a product from the Help For menu.
  2. Browse to a topic:
    • To browse by topic, click Contents.

    • To browse alphabetically, click Index, and then click a letter.

  3. Click items in the navigation pane until you reach the desired topic.
Quickstart: Search attachments

Quickstart: Search attachments

You can search for words in single PDF or in multiple PDFs, along with any attached PDFs up to two levels deep.

  1. Choose Edit > Search, and click Use Advanced Search Options at the bottom of the window.
  2. Type search terms in the text box, and choose how you want to restrict the search results.
  3. Choose where you want to search.
  4. Select Include Attachments, and then click Search.
Related Information
Measuring, Typewriter, and Object Data tools

Measuring, Typewriter, and Object Data tools



Distance tool

Measure the distance between two points

Perimeter tool

Measure a set of distances between multiple points

Area tool

Measure the area within line segments you draw

Typewriter tool

Type text anywhere on a PDF page

Object Data tool

View object data

Document menu

Document menu



Sign > Sign Document

Sign a PDF with a digital signature (additional usage rights required)

Sign > Place Signature

Draw a signature field

Sign > Validate All Signatures

Display verification properties for a signature

Sign > Show Signature Properties

Display the properties of a digital signature

Sign > Preview Document

Analyze a PDF for content that may silently alter it, and suppress it

Sign > View Signed Version

View previous versions of a signed document

Security > Show Security Properties

Display and modify security options

Security Settings

Display the Security Settings window

Manage Trusted Identities

Manage contacts and certificates in the Manage Trusted Identities dialog box

Comments > Add Stick y Note

Add a sticky note comment to the PDF (additional usage rights required)

Comments > Show Comment & Markup Toolbar