Welcome to the website where you will find copies of our results from the child loss survey.

As new reports and conference presentations are produced we will post them here for your information. At the time of this writing July, 2012, twelve articles and one book have been published. 

Internet Support Groups for Suicide Survivors: A New Mode for Gaining Bereavement Assistance (Omega, 57 (3) 217-243, 2008)

Surviving After Suicide Loss: The Healing Potential of Suicide Survivor Support Groups (Illness, Crisis & Loss, 16 (4) 285-303, 2008)

Stigmatization and Suicide Bereavement (Death Studies, 33: 591-608, 2009) 

How They Died, Time Since Loss and Bereavement: Outcomes  (Omega, 58 (4) 251-273, 2008-2009)

Personal Growth After a Suicide Loss (Omega, 59 (3) 181-202, 2009)

Suicide Survivor Support Groups: Comings and Goings Part 1 (Illness, Crisis & Loss, 19 (1) 69-83, 2011)

Suicide Survivor Support Groups: Comings and Goings Part II (Illness, Crisis & Loss, 19 (2),  2011)

Parental Grief After A Child's Drug Death Compared to Other Death Causes (Omega, 63, (4), 2011)

There are also shorter articles briefly summarizing some of our longer papers and other papers, as well . One appeared in the Nov. 2007 issue of Surviving Suicide. Another appeared in the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP) Postvention Taskforce Newsletter, Oct. 2008; another appeared in Surviving Suicide, Fall, 2009.

Internet Support Groups for Survivors of Suicide, Surviving Suicide, Nov. 2007.

The Stigma of Suicide and How it Affects Survivors' Healing article in IASP Postvention Taskforce Newsletter, (Vol.2, No. 5, Oct. 2008)

Japanese Survivor Support Groups: A Newly Emerging Phenomenon, Surviving Suicide, Fall, 2009.

Drug-Death Bereaved Parents: A Highly Stigmatized and Neglected Group of Mourners, We Need Not Walk Alone Magazine, Winter 2011/ Spring 2012

   If you are interested in our book, Devastating Losses, compiling most all our study’s findings in a single source, see the Springer publications website for a full description of this work:  http://www.springerpub.com/product/9780826107466#.UBBwLdSe7G5

    If you are interested in obtaining this book, please use the attached discount coupon

We have converted all papers and presentations to PDF files. PDFs will work on any computer--whether a Macintosh or a PC type. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program from Adobe.com to view these works. If you don't already have this program installed on your computer, visit the adobe website site Adobe.com and follow their directions to acquire this free software, download it, install it onto your machine. Once your machine knows it has this program onboard, simply click on the document title and the reader program will open it for you for viewing or printing.