Hands on Sociology 4th edition

SDA Syntax Guide

“Important Change to Accessing the ICPSR Datasets”


Please follow the instructions below: Effective 10/18/05, ICPSR expects on-line data analysis users to register themselves before they can be granted access to their datasets. This is easy to do. Consider yourself a new user, fill in your email address, name information, etc. and answer each of the questions presented to you as accurately as possible. Keep a record of your password and you will be able to revisit this site as a returning user;  this will enable you to get to your data more quickly. Then, you will be redirected to the data pages you are seeking. Passworded access won't be needed to access the Berkeley SDA site, just for the eight data sets listed on page xiv of the Hands On Sociology book.   

Dear Student:

Welcome to our Hands On Sociology 4th edition website. Here you will find all the recode language needed for completing our sets of research exercises. As you select a chapter you will be guided to the set of specific recodes needed for completing that chapter’s set of short answer questions. Pick the chapter you are working on and the list of recoded variables will appear. The list is presented in alphabetical order in two parts: one for the variables that need to be recoded, and the other for those where no recoding is needed. Once you have obtained the recoded variable list for the chapter exercises you are working on, “minimize” the list of recodes (by pressing the “_“ button at the top right corner of your browser window) and go to the SDA web site at http://sda.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/hsda?harcsda+gss14  or whichever of the websites mentioned in the text where your research data resides. As your assignments call for the insertion of different variables in the row, column or control variable boxes, it is a simple task of copying the relevant recodes and pasting them into the required boxes for your analysis. That’s all there is to it. You can toggle back and forth between the SDA Website (or whatever other source dataset you are working with) and this Recode Website to fill in all the necessary command boxes before you run an analysis.

Good luck!

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