Links to Websites For Sociological Data Resources

General Social Survey Information Resources*:

ICPSR, University of Michigan


Univ. of California at Berkeley, SDA Website

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Home Page

What's Happening in the United States:

All Federal Government Data Sources

An Overview of US Statistical Trends Provided by the White House

US Dept. of the Census

US Health Data

Gateway (& Search Engine) to Find Much Valuable Social Science Data

Archival Data Resources:

An Archival Data List Assembled by the American Sociological Assn.

ICPSR: One of the World's Biggest Social Science Data Archives+

 CIESIN: Consortium For International Earth Science Information Network

Electronic On-line Bibliographic Assistance:

Medline: Health Research Information

 Help With Your Statistics Software:


* These web sites listed below include search engines to review the extensive literature based upon these studies.

+ Some of the data available at this Web site is restricted to college and universities that are member -subscribers.

++ Check with your campus reference librarian for authorization and password code information to access the list of more than 50 electronic bibliographic databases.