College of the Air: Sociology of the Family


Course Materials
1. Textbook: Mary Ann Lamanna & Agnes Riedmann Marriages and Families: Making Choices in a Diverse Society 8th ed. Belmont CA: Thomson/Wadsworth, 2003.
2. Videotapes: You will need to watch most of the 26 half-hour video programs in the Portrait of a Family series. These video programs are designed to supplement your textbook. Videotapes for this course are available for rental from the College of the Air office (516-572-7883). The College of the Air is located at 349 Miller Ave, Nassau Community College. Usual office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am 5:00 pm. The fee for these programs is $25.00 (non-refundable). Make the check or money order payable to NCC Foundation. Videotapes must be returned upon the completion of the course. If you do not wish to pay for the $25.00 rental fee, you will need to view these videos in the College Library. See Appendix for a detailed listing of video program contents.
3. Student Tele-course Guide for "Portrait of a Family" Tele-course is designed to connect the readings and viewing components of the course (ISBN: 0-534-58893-X). This study guide is optional and not required.

You can purchase the textbook and study guide at the Nassau Community College bookstore.

Course Agenda and Readings: Part I

Topic                                                            Chapter(s)                                             Video (Program #) 
                                                                 (Lamanna & Riedmann)      Dates                    (Portrait Of a Family)
Overview of Families                                       1, 2 & 3                      (6/1 - 6/10)               101 & 102 

Becoming Partners                                           4 & 5                         (6/11 - 6/18)               103 & 104         

US Marriages & Mate Selection                      7 & 8                         (6/19 -6/27)               105, 108  & 109

Midterm exam is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th at 5:30 PM in Room G-323 (based on all Part I materials covered during the weeks of 6/1-6/27). 

It will be necessary for students to bring a photo id with them to each of the scheduled examinations.

Course Agenda and Readings: Part II

Topic                                                                   Chapter(s)                                      Video (Program #) 
                                                                      (Lamanna & Riedmann      Dates          (Portrait of a Family)

Marital Adaptations                                                   9, 10 & 11       (7/1 - 7/10)           110 thru 114

Parenthood                                                               12 & 13          (7/11   -7/18)         108, 115, 117, 118

Divorce, Remarriage & Aging Families                      15,16 & 17     (7/19  - 8/1)         122 thru 126


Final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, August 1st at 5:30 PM in Room G-323. (based on all Part II materials covered during the weeks of 6/28-8/1).

College of the Air Class Overview

Your College of the Air Class is unique and very different from most other campus courses in not having regular classroom meetings. Basically it is a self-study program. You read your textbook, view the corresponding video tapes with each chapter, then consult the study guide and do the exercises, helping to reinforce what you have learned. (I won't say the Tele-course Study Guide is absolutely essential to acquire. The  Wadsworth/ Thomson Company maintains a website offering tutorial assistance to Lamanna/Riedmann 8th edition users. While not perfectly matched to the publishers telecourse study guide, website visitors will find banks of at least 10 to 15 questions per chapter, providing correct answer feedback to students, helping them to review what they have read. You will also find an assortment of other study aids at the publishers study website. Go to the following site and select a chapter to get your free review tutorial questions:



Your two examinations will cover the materials you have read in the text book and seen in the videos and will be in multiple-choice format. The questions will be much like the sample questions you can do at the Wadsworth website. In addition, during each semester there will be an array of on-line quantitative projects to choose from to do for extra credit. If you are happy with your scores on the two equally weighted 50-item multiple-choice question tests, then you need not do any of the optional assignments. However, if you want to expand your learning and increase your grade it is suggested  you do some (but no more than three) of the five or more suggested projects that will be offered to you each semester. 

All extra credit projects must be submitted by Thursday July 27, 2006; no extensions will be granted. If students are unable to take either the mid-term or final examination at its officially scheduled time, they can make an appointment when ready and take the exam (either before or after) it has been scheduled at the College-of-the-Air Office. The College-of-the-Air Office will administer all make-ups. 

Press the hypertext button on my main home page to get the optional mini-essay projects for this term's College-of-the-Air Soc. 220 course.

Appendix: Videotape Topic Schedule

Program Number Title

101 Family Portraits
102 The Seasons of Life
103 When I Grow Up
104 Adam's Equal or Adam's Rib
105 Learning to Love
106 The Pleasure Bond
107 Epidemic Proportions
108 Going It Alone
109 The Marriage Market
110 Variations on a Theme
111 Great Expectations
112 Intimate Connections
113 For Better or Worse
114 Power Plays
115 Behind Closed Doors
116 Working Husbands/Working Wives
117 To Parent or Not To Parent
118 One Plus One Equal Three
119 For Richer or Poorer
120 Turning Points
121 The Strained Knot
122 Irreconcilable Differences
123 Single, Head of Household
124 The Second Time Around
125 Yours Mine and Ours
126 The Later Years