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D1 - Lecture Syllabus and Outline
D1 - Lab Information and Outline

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Lab Extra Credit
US Geography

Lecture Assistance
NYC Climate Records/Extremes
Kyoto Protocol and the US
US Radiosonde Launch Sites
Corn - Agricultural Commodity
Current Jet Stream Location
Santa Ana Wind
Periodic Local Winds
1993 Missouri & Mississippi River Flood Heights
2009 Red River Flooding - Fargo, ND
FEMA Flood Info/Risk
US Drought Monitor
Climate Change and Nuclear War

Lab Assistance
Lab 1 - Precipitation Measuring Devices
Lab 2 - Individual Precipitation Data Collection
Lab 3 - Thermometry
Lab 4 - Analyzing Temperature Data
Lab 5 - Earth-Sun Geometry
Lab 6 - Solar Elevation Angle During the Semester
Lab 7 - Roof Overhang
Lab 8 - Water-Soil Budget
Lab 9 - City Planning With A Wind Rose
Lab 10 - The Scientific Method and Global Warming
Lab 11 - Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies and El Nino
........Link # 2 SST Animations
........Link # 3 El Nino/La Nina Consequences
Lab 12 - The Koppen Climate Classification System
Lab 13 - Simple Climate Modeling
Lab 14 - Degree Days: Heating, Cooling & Growing Link #2
Lab 15 - Climatological Statistical Analysis of Individual
Precipitation Data

Climate Links
NWS - NYC/Long Island Climate Page
Preliminary NYC Daily Climate Report - 5PM
NYC Daily Climate Report - 1 AM
NYC Climate - Last Month

Additional Links
NWS - NYC/Long Island
The Weather Channel
Current Weather Conditions at NCC
Careers In Climatology

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