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(Note: SCI 107 became MET 101 beginning with the Fall 2017 term)

Course Information
G1 - Syllabus and Outlines
........G1 - Lecture Daily Outline
........G1 - Lab Weekly Outline

J1 - Syllabus and Outlines
........J1 - Lecture Daily Outline
........J1 - Lab Weekly Outline

Text 6th Edition Syllabi
Corresponding Lab Readings

Text 5th Edition Syllabi
Corresponding Lab Readings

Text 4th Edition Syllabi
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My Grades
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Extra Credit Opportunities
Name the States
Lab Midterm
Lab Final

Lecture Assistance
National Weather Service Glossary
Bloomberg Commodity Futures
Thickness of Atmosphere
Current Carbon Dioxide Levels
Local Climate Data Records/Extremes
Numerical Prediction Model Output Display
Solstice and Equinox Times by Year
Solstice and Equinox Times in GMT
Double Rainbow
Cloud Thickness
Fate of Solar Radiation
Greenhouse Gas Molecules
True Energy Balance Latitude
Wind Chill Index Table
Heat Index Table
Microburst Video
Dew Point Tables
Relative Humidity Tables
Visible Satellite Image
Infrared Satellite Image
Water Vapor Satellite Image
Satellite Imagery/Loops
Largest Hailstone
Second Largest Hailstone
Virtual Supercell/Tornado
Enhanced Fujita Scale
Saffir-Simpson Scale

Lecture Handouts
Dew/Frost/Frozen Dew/Black Frost HW Problem
Fog Formation and Fog Types
Forms of Precipitation

Lab Assistance
Lab Safety Policies for Students

Lab 1 - Using Doppler Radar: WSR-88D
Lab 2 - Isopleth Analysis
Lab 2 - Isotherms
Lab 3 - The Effect of Heat Capacity
on Temperature
Lab 4 - Isobars
Lab 5 - ASOS and METAR
Lab 6 - Surface Station Models

Lab Midterm Review Sheet

LAB 7 - Air Masses and the Stationary Front
Lab 8 - Warm and Cold Fronts
Lab 9 - Skew-T Diagram
Lab 10 - Upper Air Station Models
Lab 11 - Precipitation Processes
Lab 12 - Severe Weather Analysis

Lab Final Review Sheet

The Professor's Pics/Videos
Airline Contrail
Hail Sound
Hail Fog and Hail Shaft

Student Pics/Videos
NCC Double Rainbow-Jan 24, 2019

Additional Links
NWS - NYC/Long Island
National Hurricane Center
The Weather Channel
Current Weather Conditions at NCC
Meteorology Advisement Pattern
Careers In Meteorology

Important Course Information
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Latest Web Page Updates
  • New videos of a primary and secondary rainbow, the sound of hail as it smashes into a car windshield and hail fog with a hail shaft in the background. October 23, 2018.
  • Meteorology Advisement Pattern Link - April 11, 2018. This document contains the classes one should take to prepare for transfer to a 4-year College/University to earn a BS in Meteorology
  • Current Carbon Dioxide Levels Link - January 24, 2013
  • Grades Link to Blackboard Learn 9 - January 24, 2013
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