TCT 143
Reference Sheet

HP 3311A Function Generator


Using the HP 3311A Function Generator

Three parameters must be set when setting up the 3311A function generator. The type of waveform must be set. Additionally the frequency and amplitude of the desired waveform must be set. Unless DC Offset is required DC offset will be set to zero.


Setting The Waveform Type:

The waveform is selected using the FUNCTION push buttons indicated as 1 above. The generator is capable of providing a Square Wave, Sine Wave or Triangle Wave.


Setting The Frequency Of The Waveform:

The frequency is set using a combination of the FREQUENCY dial and RANGE selector buttons. These controls are indicated with 2 above. The actual frequency is the product of the dial setting times the range setting. For example to get a 400 Hz frequency the dial would be set to 4 and the range to the 100 button. (4x100 = 400)


Setting The DC Offset:

The DC Offset is normally set to zero by putting the switch between the DC offset control and Amplitude control to the right.

If DC Offset is required the switch is put to the left and the DC OFFSET control (3 above ) is adjusted to yield the desired DC voltage at the 600 ohm output terminals. The DC Offset control is not calibrated, so a meter must be used to measure the DC voltage at the terminals.


Setting The Waveform Amplitude:

The amplitude of the waveform is set using the AMPLITUDE control (4 above). The AMPLITUDE control is not calibrated, so a meter or an oscilloscope must be used to measure the waveform voltage at the 600 ohm output terminals.