Professor John (Jack) Fink
Artist /Teacher


A recipient of the 1999 New York State Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Professor Fink says this about teaching in relation to his students:
John Fink

"In your lifetime, if you are lucky, a couple of your professors may have changed your life forever. To my students...I want to be one of those teachers."

The passion I have for teaching is in part enhanced and motivated in my role as a practicing artist. I have exhibited my work nationally and regionally and have had a long affiliation with a Manhattan art gallery for sale of my work. I have always thought that my knowledge of the marketplace is a valuable resource for students contemplating a career in the visual arts.

I maintain a studio/workshop in a two story converted carriage house with two smaller out buildings that house ceramic kilns. here I have a variety of equipment related to the shaping of wood, metal, and clay.

Photo of Studio Photo of Studio

The grounds around the property are landscaped, what you might call another form of three-dimensional art, and reflects mine and my wife's interest in gardening and growing things. Art work and gardening are both therapeutic; it gives us a sense of peace and a place to feel close to our Creator Spirit.

Photo of Backyard Photo of Backyard

As a ceramic artist, working with clay has taught me a lot about life and living. Clay has nature, and as a beginning artist, I sought to understand and control so that I might create the pottery and sculpture I wanted. I've noticed some of the same forces that shape a form on the potters wheel are some of the same forces that shape one's life. In order to make a shape on the potters wheel, the soft clay must be aligned and centered to get the wobbles out. Unless it it centered, it will waver, wobble an probably collapse. We spend a lifetime getting the "wobbles" out of out lives, getting the, "on center." Unless it is disciplined and governed by a hierarchy of values, priorities and skills, life has no focus, no design.

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